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support for all people affected
by brain haemorrhage


    The text below is taken from the introduction to our ‘Milestones Diary’.  It explains its purpose and is freely available on some Walton Centre wards or at BHSG group meetings

    A Gift from the Brain Haemorrhage Support Group

    Please accept this “Milestones” diary as a gift from the Brain Haemorrhage Support Group. Our own personal experiences have given us some insight into how you might be feeling at this time. We believe that keeping a diary may genuinely aid aspects of your recovery.

    Thankfully, some of you may be back on your feet within a matter of weeks following your brain haemorrhage. However, the rate of recovery for others is varied and sometimes progress is painfully slow. Understandably, if progress appears slow, your “goalposts” may move and it is easy for real progress to be overlooked.

    This Milestones diary is a simple self-help tool to help you keep positive. We suggest that you to regularly monitor and record the ups and downs of your progress. By noting even the smallest steps forward and acknowledging them as Milestones, we believe that the depth of the inevitable low points will be diminished.

    Patients in hospital sometimes experience temporary, and upsetting, gaps in their memory after a brain haemorrhage. There is evidence that any anxiety about these gaps might be reduced if visiting family and friends make written contributions to the first section of your diary.

    When you are feeling better you may look back through your diary and be comforted by the fact that your family and friends contributed to your recovery.

    Collect your Milestones Diary from any support group meeting or contact us to request a copy.

    We provide practical and emotional support for people affected by brain haemorrhage. For more information about our services and activities, please visit the other pages of this website.