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      June's Story


      Here is my story starting start of June 2004.  I hit my head in a cellar. It was just a slight knock that didn't really hurt at the time.  I then started getting severe headaches with nausea that I was not previously prone to.  I had three different doctors visit me at home saying I had migraine, a tension headache, a trapped nerve in my neck.  Eventually I was sent to hospital admitted and sent for a brain scan.  I was told it was ‘clear’, so fly to Benidorm on holiday (on the 24th of July) taking strong pain killers with me.

      I returned home with even worse headache and got to the stage I thought I was going mad. Doctors wouldn't listen.

      My fiancée now husband, Wullie, came home from work on the 3rd Sept day to find me in tears and rushed me to hospital. They said I would be kept in for observation and would be sent up to ward.  By luck my mum’s doctor passed through the emergency department, saw me,  asked what was wrong. He requested a second scan.

      The nightmare began.  I had three bleeds,  a communicating artery had burst.  Wullie was told to get my family to the hospital immediately.  It didn't look good. I then waited on ambulance for police escort to Edinburgh for immediate surgery.

      After surgery coilings I was left with weakness in my right hand side, shortterm memory loss and a weakness now in my right eye. I also muddle up my words and say the opposite of what I want to.

      Tiredness, I think, is the biggest problem. I was always so active before. When I get tired I find I have severe headaches & nausea that leaves me with weakness and tingling on my right hand side.  Doctors thought they were mini strokes to start with. I was admitted to hospital a good few times and sent for numerous scans. I have now been told it is migraine with auras or epilepsy… on drugs for both now.

      My attention span has changed. I can't sit for long,  watch a full film or read a book.  Always jumping up to do other things now.

      I'm one of the lucky ones, a survivor.

      I am still here to watch my two wonderful sons grow up.  They have supported me so much.  I now realise that it was a nightmare of an event for them to get through also.  I do try hard to get on with life. I don't let it get me down or sit and feel sorry for myself.  My doctor and family are always telling me to slow down and rest. That’s just not me.

      This group means a lot to me.  I was sent home from hospital with no support.  Only help from my local G.P. who had never dealt with this before.
      I never knew there would be such a long recovery process.

      I left hospital a different person.  Still ill.

      It's good to know that I'm not alone and other survivors can relate to what I'm going through.
      Thank you all for the support I have been given on this site.

      June x