Providing practical and emotional
support for all people affected
by brain haemorrhage


    Welcome to the Brain Haemorrhage Support Group (BHSG)


    Why do we care?


    We care… because we have been there.  Our collective personal experience of brain haemorrhage has now, thankfully, become an invaluable practical resource, comfort and sometimes inspiration for people affected by the condition.

    Having earned the endorsement and increasing support of neurological health professionals, the Brain Haemorrhage Support Group (BHSG) focus primarily on supporting the individuals and families affected by brain haemorrhage. We also aim to raise both awareness and understanding of the impact brain haemorrhage has on people’s lives.

    The BHSG know something of how it feels to be unexpectedly confronted by challenging and diverse issues following a brain haemorrhage. Being resourceful at a time when you may be at your most vulnerable is far from easy. For that reason, we are here to provide a range of practical help, information and support. There is little doubt that emotional support from people who may have had similar experiences can also be of great help.
    In addition to this support we invite expert guest speakers to meetings where your questions can be answered. By working in partnership with the Walton Centre’s Neurosurgeons, Neuropsychologists and a Neurovascular Nurse Specialist, the BHSG help provide those affected by the condition a with an opportunity to progress and recover more quickly.

    We aim to remove obstacles or anxieties that hinder recovery and try to fill the void that may face patients as they are discharged from hospital.  
    If you or someone you care for has had a brain haemorrhage or related condition, such as an aneurysm, please contact us or simply turn up at the next group meeting. You will be made most welcome.

    This website will keep you updated about our friendly informal meetings, ‘Road to Recovery’ course and all our other activities.



        The information on this website is given in good faith. It is provided purely for general informational purposes. It is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or other health professional.

        The BHSG does not give medical advice.


        Next Support Group Meetings

        The next Support Group meeting is our Coffee Morning followed by Christmas Lunch (for members) on
        Monday 5th December 2016

        at The Brain Charity
        Norton Street
        L3 8LR


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